Lunch Bunch


Lunch Bunch is Holy Trinity Parish Preschool’s optional hour from Noon to 1 p.m. after the end of the regular school day. It is offered to children 2 years old and up (state requirement). You may opt for your child to stay until 1 p.m. following these guidelines:


Pay monthly for a discount or drop-in when you need it.

Drop-in rate $10/day (based on availability)

Note: Monthly fees are not prorated due to short months or missed days.


You bring the lunch (state requirement). Please pack items that do not require refrigeration. It is best if you do not send items that need to be warmed; however, we do have access to a microwave so if this is important, let the Lunch Bunch Coordinator know. If you forget a lunch, we have emergency lunch options on hand. We are a NUT-FREE school, so please do not send in anything with nuts. If forgotten lunches become a recurring problem we will address it with you directly.  Please take advantage of the services provided by Mabel’s Labels.  This allows us to ensure that all items get returned to the proper home, and our school benefits from all purchases!  See our Fun-Raisers page for more details.

Pick Up Time and Late Fees

Pick up is no later than 1:00 p.m. Only adults listed in our records are allowed to pick up your child. If your child is leaving the school in someone else’s care, please tell your child’s teacher and be sure the teacher puts masking tape on your child stating “Going home with … (child’s name; grandmother, etc.)”. Late fees for lunch bunch are different from those observed for the regular school day. You are considered late after 1:05 and will be charged $1/minute for each minute you are late. You must pay the Lunch Bunch Coordinator no later than Friday of the week you are late.

 Download the Lunch Bunch Registration Form or Register Online.